Advanced Energy Block Certification

The Advanced Energy Block Certification is a blockchain certification program with protocols to design and certify the performance of our Prosumer Electricity Block’s performance within new and existing communities.

The protocol uses proven strategies aimed at improving performance across all the metrics that matter most: an urban transversal network of people, buildings and mobility that is self-sufficient while impacting local energy production, CO2 emission reductions, resiliency, water efficiency, improved indoor and outdoor air quality, and stewardship of resources and sensitivity to their impacts.



The Certification Program is a new holistic approach to community design or regeneration. The program is based on a Blockchain certification protocol to transform blocks into self-sufficient, intelligent and connected blocks.

This program is designed to empower the local real estate sector by providing property owners the tools they need to maintain or even increase their property value. In doing so, the program transforms underutilized assets into new revenue sources that actively participate in the decarbonization of our communities.


    Benefits of Certification

    • Certification protects real estate assets against black outs and natural disasters even as the asset generates new and different revenue.
    • Certification enables network members to promote their environmental achievements.
    • Certification helps a community decrease its carbon emissions by eliminating waste and inefficiency.

    Why Sustainability Matters

    Local leadership can have huge sustainability impacts! Participating in this unique and novel transformation – which includes clean local electrification, local carbon emissions reduction, and environmental and community regeneration rebranding – demonstrates leadership that promotes community, city, regional and planetary decarbonization. Given that certification to a sustainability standard meets compelling emergent need within communities around the world, we can expect certified sustainable, self-sufficient communities to become a new popular standard and style of living for the 21st Century.



    The New Culture of Sustainability

    Sustainability is more a journey than a destination. It’s true that embarking on this journey requires initial investment in new resources. In fact, most sustainability initiatives actually produce a positive return on investment (ROI) over time, given that sustainability is largely based on reducing waste and improving efficiency. Hence, collective efforts generate community wealth over time, becoming a new source of local income based on local clean power-generating nodes. These nodes are micro-assets that create local jobs, develop local talent, and turn communities into marketplaces of sustainable products and services with diverse benefits: new opportunities for technology sellers and buyers, balanced grids for electric utilities, and valuable differentiation that helps a city to attract new residents to live in cleaner, better connected urban environments.

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