Prosumer Energy Systems

Our integrated prosumer energy systems are designed to democratize the demand side of the grid, using plug and play nodes that connect existing or new energy resources to our middleware. Each prosumer node uses a single API connection to the middleware to aggregate different load profiles from each node, then organize the data into larger blocks. In this way, the middleware provides a unique service by uplifting the value of small resources, as well as creating versatility and flexibility to take advantage of advanced grid services.

Our prosumer energy systems transform community members into market participants, who can now extract new value from such underutilized property assets as rooftop spaces, vacant land or parking spaces. We believe any consumer can transform themselves into a digital electricity producer of both clean electricity and renewable energy credits, while collectively decarbonizing their communities, their cities and their region.


1168 South Barrington Ave
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Los Angeles

+310-869 9694

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