Our Problocks

In partnership with our real estate partners, we have co-designed a new concept: a living community that we call Prosumer Energy Block – the PROBLOCK. The PROBLOCK begins with deep energy efficiency, then integrates a Virtual Power Plant or VPP. The VPP is comprised of solar rooftop panels that produce local clean electricity integrated with an energy storage system and managed with a smart Community Operating System, which orchestrates and sells the surplus electricity and renewable energy credits produced by each house. The PROBLOCK has sufficient capacity to switch fuels from gas to electricity for heating and hot water.

PROBLOCK residents share electric vehicles charged by local stored energy reserves, which further reduces greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuel dependence. Moreover, water efficiency systems capture and reuse greywater, to sustain irrigation; these systems are estimated to cut demand for potable water by 70 percent.

Communities with PROBLOCKS become living innovation labs, where collaboration and balance are an important part of the mantra to improve the quality of life for all.

Our Objective

Our commitment to our communities is to provide new experiences of creative community living, custom designed for the emerging Creative Class, a new segment of world population of an estimated 150 million educated young adults. Cities that are receptive to the Creative Class provide an environment of Technology, Tolerance and Talent – we let these individuals commingle their talent under one area. Our new lifestyle campus provides residents multiple benefits: co-living, co-working, co-playing, EV car sharing, and co-producing monetized, collective value that decreases the community’s cost of living.

Creative Prosumer Blocks become the new urban enterprise platform to monetize excess electricity, EV charging services – indeed, any collaborative products or services that are made within the community.

Typical sites for self-sufficient prosumer blocks are plots of land within a master-planned community typically from five to ten acres: or available land within Opportunity Zones, or land located next to university campuses or corporate campuses.


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