Our Platform

The platform is built with three interdependent layers:

1. the network layer is powered by super nodes with a cyber security hardware architecture.

2. the blockchain layer that mines the data at origin from smart meters, solar inverters, battery controllers, and distribution grid control systems, creating efficiency and value across the network.

3. the control layer, where a Community Operating System orchestrates all the nodes, routing the value produced to markets. Here we solve granular grid-edge problems that typically happen too fast, without the visualization needed for centralized grid control systems to manage. Here, we enable advanced grid services such as hedging between local and regional energy supply.

Our Community Operating System will feature applications that flow across the value chain: peer-to-market trading, metering & billing, market settlement, green certificates and carbon trading, grid management, IoT and asset management, demand-side management (DSM), and mobility and charging payments.

Global Blockchain in Energy Market Anticipated to Reach $6.29 Billion by 2024.

Moving from Big Data to a more efficient distributed Edge Data owned by people

Transactive Blocks

To enhance efficiency when retrofitting a community with new energy options, we first divide the cities into zip codes, with each community representing a single zip code. Our interactive community design platform built on top of the largest set of publicly available granular energy and pollution data provides a distinct advantage: a matrix of accurate benchmark data to start the community regeneration, at the points with the most pollution.

A key aspect of our retrofit approach is the Prosumer Electricity Block – the PROBLOCK – 1MW Blocks that we build by aggregating and upgrading existing local clean power generation assets, then integrating new assets to complete each block, a typical community is now composed of multiple standard prosumer blocks, where each block may have a single or multiple type of assets connected. All the power generation assets inside a PROBLOCK are orchestrated by our Community Operating System, which records, verifies and transfers unique value (electrons and carbon credits), even as it allocates and settles all daily transactions to each corresponding trade.

We foresee each block to become a hedge fund in which data is mined at origin and converted into monetizable values, benefiting the owner of the data, the utility and the overall community.

Transactive Features

Peer to Market

The Application gives retailers the ability to empower consumers themselves to simply trade electricity with alternative electricity market such as the CCAs and ISO wholesale markets and receive payment in real-time from an automated and trustless reconciliation and settlement system. This feature benefits augmented transparency by the use of a blockchain backbone.

Grid Balance

This feature provides retailers with smart demand and supply management and payment settlements while managing consumer exposure to the risk of non-supply. The solution allows significant demand-response functions, providing balancing tools to ISOs in order to ease the transition towards decentralized local electricity production systems while decreasing grid operation costs. This feature also uses algorithms constantly profiling and scheduling identified prosumer nodes and their levels of electricity generation and consumption in a demand-side management tool. This advanced grid service will permit operators to balance the grid in a hyper-efficient way.

Network Optimization

This feature is powered by cyber security devices and an islanded-mode controller built on our Community Operating System. The CoS allows electricity metering, big data acquisition, fast micro-transactions, and grid management at an unprecedented granular scale. Trading in embedded networks breaks the link between generation ownership and energy consumption, meaning value can be derived from an investment in DER even if the investor is absent or doesn’t consume all the energy they generate.

Smart Billing & Automated Payments

This feature allows each prosumer network member to precisely and instantly monitor their electricity consumption and expenditure, providing each load’s data, encouraging efficient habits and generating electricity savings. This feature provides network members user-friendly, reliable payment methods ensuring electricity providers benefit from daily, automatic and precisely measured utility bill payments from off-takes, minimizing delays and collection costs while creating augmented transparency and traceability to the whole process.

Digital Exchange

This feature is currently in design stages.  When finished, it will allow users (sell side/buyside), to match trades between each other. This matching system (exchange) uses real time metering data, big data, dispatch assets, transaction settlement data, and network liquidity data. This feature will also track proof of emissions reduction in real time by matching and certifying the electricity generated matching with the consumption resulting in Renewable Energy Credits that can be also be posted on the exchange.

Wholesale Market Settlement

This feature offers rapid low-cost and transparent dispatch optimization and management, data aggregation, reconciliation, and settlement for wholesale energy marketplaces.


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