Our Projects

Our project procurement strategy is based on the identification of opportunities within the communities of focus.
The process starts with the pollution data analysis integrated with the electrification potential data. Once we identify the opportunity, we proceed to a preliminary feasibility study that will provide us with the green light to design the proposal. Each proposal has four steps of development:

Under Design
Once the assessment is concluded and the the preliminary feasibility studies have given us a satisfactory matrix of the business case, we proceed with the design of the proposal based on the fulfillment of our client’s climate action plan. Our co-development partners typically are the city, the local utility and one or multiple real estate partners (residential, commercial, critical facilities, campuses or vacant land).
Under Evaluation

In most cases, the evaluation process requires the involvement of multiple decision-making parties.
This process may vary from three to six months depending on the complexity and versatility of the proposal.

Under Contract

Once all parties agree on the strategy, vision and terms, we enter into a Memorandum of Understanding for a three-month period to get funding commitments in place. Once the funding has been secured, a definitive binding contract is signed.

Proposal Rejected

This status indicates that our proposal was rejected for any given reason such as the incapacity to secure funding, lack of economical, environmental or social benefit of the proposal or any disagreement in the terms of the contract of any party involved.


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