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Connect any electricity producing asset with a single API to start generating revenues by using your own data

Our Company

CommunityElectricity.IO, Inc, is a Los Angeles-based Advanced Electricity Community Developer that designs, finances, develops and manages self-sufficient electricity communities. We specialize in upgrading existing communities and co-developing altogether new communities. We use a decarbonization protocol that integrates real estate with such clean technologies as solar photovoltaic; energy storage; electric vehicle and charging infrastructure; and pollution sensors. A key innovation – a first in the industry – is interconnecting these systems to a blockchain middleware to certify and mine data.

The community-owned-data is orchestrated by a Community Operating System that aggregates, manages and maximizes efficiencies while digitalizing and decarbonizing our communities, creating a new social and economic system, benefitting the well-being of people first.

We create advanced electricity communities that are smart, connected, self-sufficient and socially inclusive.

Our Services

Our Electrification and Decarbonization as a Service – “EDaaS” -integrates four specific solutions as a single comprehensive service:

  • DIGITALIZATION of the electric distribution utilities
  • DECENTRALIZATION of the local production of electricity
  • DECARBONIZATION of local energy supply
  • DEMOCRATIZATION of people’s data

We focus on small and medium scale projects that integrate locally produced electricity, EV mobility, blockchain and social innovation.

Our Customers

We design custom-made carbon emission mitigation protocols to achieve carbon neutrality goals, while improving quality of life, creating local jobs and enhancing wealth, all through the introduction of a new economic fabric.

We help utilities transition from 20th century analog organizations & processes to 21st century digitized and data-driven utilities. We provide advanced grid services while self-healing the grid, diverting investments, gaining customer acceptance, all while decarbonizing the communities that utilities serve.

Community Choice Programs:
We help communities digitize their energy procurement, hedging locally produced electricity to avoid wasteful regional energy curtailment, achieving other benefits such as enhanced data management and analytics, and digital access to procure local electricity and renewable energy credits (RECs).

Real Estate Owners:
We help property owners take advantage of relatively underutilized real estate by converting residential and commercial properties into electricity prosumer nodes that create multiple sources of revenue, while increasing capital asset value.

Our middleware is where pollution & electrification data meets blockchain…mining and aggregating efficiencies across networks and infrastructures

Our Protocol

Our data-driven Community Electrification and Decarbonization Protocol uses a blockchain middleware: a self-regulated plug & play platform in which different electrification assets, super nodes and pollution sensors are connected while creating edge benchmark data derived from all the components connected. The upgrade of the protocol version occurs when a new type of asset is connected to the middleware or when an asset from another geographic position is plugged-in. This approach creates multiple interoperable data of each asset while providing a detailed performance of each component as well as the overall protocol performance and impact in real time.

An easy way to integrate any energy producing asset from any location with a single API, while aggregating efficiencies across the network, resulting in monetized value.

Protocol Version 2.0

A data-driven middleware built to standardize the decarbonization and electrification of the real estate and transportation sectors across cities.

Our dApp

Our partners


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