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Community electricity is an advanced energy community developer; it is a digital 21st-century micro utility that designs, finances, bills, and manages virtual power plants, micro grids, community solar, EV mobility and community carbon management. A key innovation – a first in the industry – is interconnecting the systems to a blockchain middleware to certify and mine data at the point of origin on behalf of its customers.
A whole system thinking approach for community electrification and decarbonization.

We create advanced electricity communities that are smart, connected, self-sufficient and socially inclusive.

Connect any electricity producing asset with a single API to start generating revenues by using your own data


In order to mobilize people towards a future full of opportunities while enduring the impacts of climate change in real time, Community Electricity is focused on the optimistic side of the future.

For the past 100 years, our economic fabric was created based on inefficiencies; the more inefficiencies, the more value created across the economic sectors. Today, we are facing a new paradigm. The more efficiency created, the more value is built: a new social, economic and environmental system is emerging.

With the arrival of blockchain technology, the world has a game-changer. Now, we can identify inefficiencies that can be verified and converted into efficiencies resulting in collective gains.

When there are challenges, there are proportional opportunities.

Our middleware is where pollution & electrification data meets blockchain…mining and aggregating efficiencies across networks and infrastructures


Our Electrification and Decarbonization as a Service provide community members the opportunity to transform their real estate asset Into electricity prosumers with no up-front cost.

In order to maximize the efficiency in our asset development while minimizing cost and time develop, we use a digital straight-process that includes the following tasks:


  • Project Asset Assessment
  • Project Asset Financial Analysis
  • Project Asset Design
  • Project Asset Financing
  • Project Asset Commissioned
  • Project Asset Management
  • Project Asset Impact Reporting

A Digital Straight-Through Process For Community Electrification and Decarbonization.


Model For Real Estate:
We help property owners take advantage of relatively underutilized real estate by converting residential and commercial properties into electricity prosumer nodes that create multiple sources of revenue, while increasing capital asset value.

We use a franchise model; an innovative joint venture
between the asset owner and CommunityElectricty, producing
mutual benefits to:

  • Single Family Home Owners or Renters
  • Multi-family Development Owners or Renters
  • Retail Real Estate Portfolio Owners
  • Commercial Real Estate Portfolio Owners

Model For Cities:
We design custom-made carbon emission mitigation protocols to achieve carbon neutrality goals, while improving quality of life, creating local jobs and enhancing wealth, all through the introduction of a new economic fabric.


The integration of energy software, hardware and blockchain networks is the evolution of the 20th century computer system. A Whole System Thinking approach is emerging.

Our decentralized socially oriented App is designed to mobilize society to become clean energy producers, while connected to an energy hub. Our Operating System is built on a blockchain network architecture in order to mine efficiencies behind and in-front-the-meter, resulting in collective gains derived from the local energy production and the generation of renewable energy credits, or RECs.

Our system is designed to unite and drive people to improve quality of life while creating wealth across the value chain.

Nearly $1 Trillion in Investments Estimated by 2030 as Power Sector Transitions to a More Decarbonized and Flexible System


We envision communities as hyper-connected transactive networks able to share locally produced resources, creating efficiencies throughout the local electrification of the existing energy, real estate and transportation sectors.

These Blockchain Prosumer Networks will organically create circular market systems backed-up by locally produced electrons and locally produced carbon allowances.

Communities of the future will become self-sufficient platforms, in which blockchain data management becomes the new fuel and efficiency aggregation becomes the new economic fabric of our cities.

Global Blockchain in Energy Market Anticipated to Reach $6.29 Billion by 2024

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